Sunday, July 25, 2004


Having semi-relaxing day, went to grocery store earlier and purchased many items, baby only screamy on way home -- some small miracle!  May attempt ironing shortly, baby currently snoozing but that won't last -- should stop blogging and get working. 

Had interesting experience this evening involving run to bathroom, followed by washing of trousers...  not sure what set that off.  All was seemingly well and suddenly it was not.  Hmm.  Didn't eat anything too bizarre...  Hopefully will run its course and leave me the hell alone.

Have had many discussions with Stick Insect (and occasionally her husband, Musclebound Idiot) in my head over past few days.  Still boils down to, "Kiss my shiny metal ass."  In fact, have taken to flipping their house the bird whenever convenient, though not in view of anyone, esp. them.  Am determined never to wave or smile at them again, will just become Ice Queen and ignore them completely. 

We talk of moving to some property -- BH wants large garden, I want a horse, etc.  There is much debate about pros and cons.  Think eventually the move will occur, and have only semi-jokingly suggested we put house on market as soon as Evil Neighbors sell their house (because we are "forcing them to move" and have "ruined their dream" by having the barkingest damn dogs you ever saw, you see) but before they actually move out.  This would accentuate the burn, you see, and fully illustrate our loathing of them and lack of consideration for them as humans.  And what could be better than that, I ask you, Gentle Reader?

BH considering retaliation by turning them in to city for not having gotten permits for any of the structural home improvements they have done -- could cost them up to five grand between permits and penalties -- but will wisely wait some weeks before doing so to avoid suspicion, and will do so anonymously in any event.  Am concerned a bit about Karmic Repercussions but then again, SI's bitch session could be considered leading event, so perhaps Karmic Repercussion is hers and hers alone...  This is the sort of thing that happens to snobbish, bitchy neighbors, after all.  Nobody sics the city on friendly, nice neighbors.

SI has been acting very strangely toward us since baby arrived, not even offering congrats really and totally disinterested in seeing baby (whereas was quite friendly to neighbors on other side, and their small children, until they moved away) -- and prim, smug manner in which she announces "We've decided not to have children, to avoid contributing to the overpopulation of the earth," causes me to wonder if she really does want to have children and MI has talked her out of it, or if she has something against us for procreating despite being gay, or what the deal is.  Maybe she was just PMS'ing (as my mother suggests).  Maybe living with MI is getting to her.  Seriously, I can hardly stand living next door to him sometimes, imagine even having to share a bathroom with him...  Ugh. 

Well, back to the salt mines.  Tomorrow is WI (Weigh-In) day at Fat Losers, am curious to see if any fat has indeed been lost.  Have kept scrupulously within points level and not even used any Flexpoints; motivation remains high.  Idea of entering triathlon someday intriguing, plus want to be fit, healthy mom and not embarrassing fat mom for baby.  And want family photos that do not cause wincing and shame...

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