Tuesday, July 13, 2004


All is not cookies and sunshine and puppies and kittens here in my personal corner of the world.

The baby will not tolerate sleeping on her own during the day, i.e. napping. She will sleep in your arms for short stretches but if you try to lay her down it's about a 90 percent chance she will wake up within 5 to 10 minutes and start bellowing. She's so obviously tired -- but the only place we can put her to get any peace and quiet most days is in her swing, and even that doesn't always work, and then there's the Feeling Like a Bad Mother issue that comes with parking your baby in the swing for more than 15 minutes.

Of course she is only nearly 7 weeks and I'm sure she will settle down a bit but so far I am mired in despair many days, trying to get myself something to eat or pick up the place a little bit or whatever and having to choose: eat, or tidy, or whatever, and listen to her scream -- or hold her and do the abovementioned only with great difficulty, if at all.

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