Thursday, July 08, 2004

More Power!

Further tearful discussions with BH concerning YT...

Am experiencing Rocking of World with this whole becoming a mother thing. If I have any brains, will go with it and become not only mother, but better person and better partner.

Among topics, fact that not having a job meant that I didn't feel I could run out and buy expensive gifts for BH, though she frequently buys them for me. Case in point, lovely Tanzanite and Diamond white gold ring about a week before FI was born.

"But I don't have any money," I sniveled, "I didn't want to buy you gifts that got us into debt." "Oh, so it's okay for me to buy you gifts on credit but not the other way around?!" Well shit, hadn't thought of it that way.

Before you, gentle reader, get wrong impression that we are carefree spendthrifts, know that we are paying off debt in general and don't run amok charging things left, right and center. Usually. So please, no lectures. We are well acquainted with the Evils of Credit Cards.

That being said, ran out today and gleefully racked up a lovely compressor with accessory pack, 3/8in. pneumatic reversible drill, pneumatic nailer/stapler combo, and this kit full of brackets and screws and directions to build garage workbench.

Played it oh so cool when BH got home from a long day's toil down at The Swamp (local power utility, where she slaves over hot databases all day long) -- "Oh honey, got some groceries down at the store, could you fetch them out the back of the car dear?" And didn't even blow it when she lollygagged! Managed to set FI down without waking her (first serious nap of day) so I could see out the front window, quite rewarding, got a lot of accusatory finger-pointing and grins, "YOU!" Think BH is quite tickled with her new toys. Looking forward to seeing garage become organized workshop haven rather than festering rathole it currently is. Plus, we can use compressor to put up molding in living room and avoid a) lengthy unrewarding amateurish pounding of endless nails and b) any temptation, slight as it is, to invite Dad back down with his compressor to "help."

Must go, dinner in the offing and pesky dog barking outside, BH preoccupied with watching baby and inspecting toys to run out there and get her to come in.

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