Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Fat Losers

Returned to Fat Losers, I mean Weight Watchers, yesterday.   ("Hi, my name is Debra and I'm a Fat Loser!")  Am already at pre-baby weight (which ain't saying much) so that's at least good -- don't have to lose to get back to where I was.  It's all progress from here!  And since I am breastfeeding I get extra points, woo hoo!
BH trying to lose alongside me but personally I think she's going to have a tougher time resisting cookies and stuff at work -- going to meetings gives you some added incentive: weekly date with the scale, listening to the struggles of others, etc.  And let's face it, who doesn't like to hear that some other schlub is having more trouble than you are keeping away from fatty treats?  And there's always some who need to lose more than you, and others who are almost at their goal, so there's always people to feel superior to/envy.  
But, since I won't be bringing the aforementioned fatty treats into the house, and we'll be eating better meals when we're together, she ought to maybe lose some weight.  Plus since the appearance of FI, we go on walks every day, partly in an effort to stop the screaming. 
Last night FI wouldn't settle down in her Snugli so we just carried her the long, hot hike to the coffee shop (2 percent decaf vanilla latte only about 6 points!) and she grooved on it.  She likes to see where she is going, even at 2 months.  Can't wait til she will sit in the stroller; so far she screams like we are torturing her if we set her in it for even one second. 
Currently I am at risk of losing any Mother of the Year nominations; FI is upstairs slumbering peacefully in her swing...  I have a monitor going and all that, but it's hard to feel good about leaving her in the swing for very long.  But it's one of the few places she'll sleep during the day!  Except in your arms and very occasionally in the bed, if the planets are all aligned and you're holding your teeth just right or whatever.
Ah well, better go assuage my feelings of guilt and maternal incompetence.  :)

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