Sunday, July 04, 2004

One of Those Days

Mama said there'd be days like this...

In fact, Mama dazedly repeated, "Your time is no longer your own," over and over when informed that we were Expecting.

She could not have been more correct. YT (Yours Truly) is lucky to find time to wash a little laundry on a good day -- nothing like spending two days in a sour-milk-smelling nursing bra because all your other bras are in the dirty clothes...

In fact, am simultaneously washing clothing and dishes. BH is upstairs dealing with Fractious Infant. Pity use of baby knockout drops or medicinal brandy frowned upon in this day and age... Kidding! Just kidding! Do not sic Authorities on poor YT.

BH just off phone with friend who also has Fractious Infant; Friend advised BH to order expanded cable and enroll in internet postal-delivery DVD rental service for YT. This because Friend realized shortly after bearing offspring that they weren't going anywhere for a while, because offspring could not endure such outings without screaming uncontrollably for hours upon returning to domicile. So am enrolled, and doubtless cable enhancements will be ordered forthwith after holiday. BH is so sweet, has already queued up 22 films of various genres for YT, all of which are the sort of films YT would actually watch! YT is quite fortunate. BH pays attention: there are several classics, many international titles, etc. :)

BH's conversation with Friend resultant from tearful discussion last night concerning the nixing of a beach outing next weekend with a few of YT's friends. YT still having difficulty adjusting to fact that social life very severely curtailed -- nay, entirely defunct -- owing to introduction of FI into household. Heavy Sigh...

Fishtank looking quite nice lately. Water nice and clear, algae cleaned off front, faux-stone gargoyle-themed decorational statuary items scrubbed clean, fashionable brightly-colored aquarium gravel freshly added, etc. Plus, no rotting goldfish corpses anywhere in sight or (to best of my knowledge) concealed within statuary! Surprisingly, largest and most attractive goldfish still alive despite massive growth near dorsal fin.

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