Thursday, July 01, 2004

Day Four

Ms. Peabody (note to self: investigate alternate diaper brands, current one not doing the trick) is snoozing upstairs. Cordless baby monitor clearly most useful baby-related innovation since, well, ever.

Tomorrow self and Better Half will sign adoption petition allowing B.H. to become co-parent. May have to endure home visit from social worker, no doubt at considerable expense to selves. All for privilege of parenting own child! Pity we are not heterosexual tax-dodging drug addicts living marginal existence in cheap apartment driving 20 year old van or similar; could have gotten pregnant, had prenatal care and become legal parents, all for minimal expense if any. Instead, evil homosexual middle-income home-owning tax-paying voting recycling etc etc upstanding citizens such as ourselves must spend upwards of 2 grand to get pregnant (which we allow is peanuts compared to what some must pay) and then another 2+ grand for adoption and other legal paperwork to protect selves and child since marriage not legal yet in this state. Feh!

On bright side, have had opportunity to shower and even (gasp!) look at newspaper for a few minutes this morning while Her Majesty gets a bit of beauty sleep. It's like paradise...

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