Friday, July 23, 2004


At last!  Have saddled BH with FI for a short time.  Think she lacks confidence in her ability to soothe the little screamer -- it can be done by persons other than myself, unless of course the problem is food-related; have not yet mastered the art of detaching my breasts and leaving them behind while I run errands or join the circus or whatever.

FI smiles a lot more now, and today when we were in the coffee shop getting our lattes before the heat gets unbearable (today's forecast: high of 102 degrees! It doesn't get this hot here!  Thank heavens we got the a/c....), she was sitting in her stroller and not screaming -- not only not screaming, but actually smiling in response to BH's talking to her!  Of course, there was intermittent caterwauling on the way home, but it wasn't so bad, and O the Joy of taking her places and not having to grip her sweaty little body next to yours...  I love the stroller.  The stroller rocks.

She is also starting to take a real interest in toys, and can get her fists into her mouth with shocking regularity, though not always when she wants to just yet.

Our neighbor made a snide comment over the fence to BH last night, prompting a bitch session on the porch when BH went over and confronted her.  Evidently our dogs are horrible, they bark constantly, etc.  Funny how we have never heard a complaint from anyone else...  while we have had angry folk come to our door asking if that was our dog barking all night, when it belonged in fact to the neighbor in question...  so, Stick Insect neighbor, you may kiss my Shiny Metal Behind.  So there!

That is all.

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