Friday, July 09, 2004

Beach Blanket Bingo

Heading to Beach this afternoon for "girls' weekend out" with old friends. BH in unique position of feeling Compelled to attend as is FI's first beach trip, yet generally Not into idea of hanging with a) several people that she b) doesn't know that well when she would c) rather be home playing with new compressor and sundry Attachments. Nonetheless, she is bravely stepping out despite Misgivings. You go, Girl!

FI is down for the count. Have had several screamy evenings which it is believed are result of not getting enough Naptime during days. Making concerted effort when she gets screamy to Check if she is hungry, wet, etc. and if none of the above are the case, wrap her up nicely and Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, on the exercise ball until her little eyes wink shut. Then it's on to the rocking chair for a few minutes to seal the deal, then lay down in the bed. She then conks out for up to four (!!!) hours! And wakes in better Frame of Mind.

Provided, of course, that her tiny little eyes don't wink back open immediately upon her body touching the bed, which is almost guaranteed to happen.

Seriously looking forward to next phase which perhaps will not involve so much screaming. Not counting on it however.

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