Thursday, July 22, 2004


I count this as a good day, as Her Majesty is upstairs snoozing away, giving me a few precious minutes to blog, do laundry, listen to myself breathe in and out, whatever.

She will now consent to ride in the stroller  -- provided that she is in the proper mood, and must be sitting Bolt Upright At All Times.  You can sneak the seat into the semi-recline position once she drops off to sleep, but beware!  Don't try it one second too early, and don't f*** it up and jostle her!  

So of course I overdid it yesterday, her first day out in the stroller,  and we walked something like 2.5 miles in the blazing sun.  By some miracle neither of us got burned.  My feet were a bit tender on return to domicile but they are fine today.  We went for another walk of about one mile this morning before it got too horrible out (supposed to be in mid 90's today, and maybe even 100 tomorrow!  Sheesh!). 

Can't get the book Slow Fat Triathlete out of my mind,  about a woman who participates in athletic events (namely Triathlons, you might have guessed that by the title) despite being slow and fat.  I guess the title pretty much sums it up come to think about it. 

Now, my feet are better suited for a penguin than a human, flat and paddle shaped as they are, and they aren't particularly adept at the weight-bearing that they were meant for.  So the running part of a triathlon would kind of suck for me.  But I think that if I lost the extra weight I'm carrying around, they would not hurt so much and I probably could run without wishing I was dead the next day. 

As for swimming and biking, well, I can currently do both of those things, or could if I had time, which I will start having more time once the baby is a little less screamy and could be watched briefly by the neighbor while Mama hits the streets or the pool or whatever.  Lucky thing there's a pool only about a mile from home!  I hesitate to suggest that I go do these things in the evenings as BH and I have little enough time together as it is, and what time we have seems to race by between dinner and dandling the baby, and suddenly it's bedtime and we aren't ready anyway.   So it's probably foolish to think that I could carve out time to swim or bike after work hours at this point.  Maybe I could get one of those bike trailers and haul FI around behind me...  that'd add to my workout, I mean she's ten pounds of dead weight, plus the trailer...  Pluse she's only going to get bigger and therefore continue to enhance the situation.  It's a win-win! 

So maybe I will shoot for entering a sporting event of some kind, some piddly local triathlon, by the time I've lost half the excess weight.  This gives me plenty of time. 

Fat Loser update: so far, not having any trouble staying within points range.  This is doubtless due to the extra points you get for breastfeeding.  Plus I have been earning some extras with all the walking, but I am not really using all of them so that's cool.  And I have not touched the Flex points!  So might splurge and have some kind of tasty treat on the weekend.

As predicted, BH having a harder time, but this is in part due to eating lunch out a lot, and the temptation of having a Starbucks downstairs from her office.  I have to walk a mile to get a latte.  She can ride the elevator down 7 floors...  But she will make it.  I have faith. 

I have tried to get my sh*t together before, you know, eat well, get exercise, etc. but for some reason this time it feels more like I'll make it.  I'm feeling that way about a lot of things.  Like all the talk we've been engaging in about goals and dreams.  I think we will get a lot more done with our lives, whether it's home improvement or personal growth or whatever.  I think having the baby sort of galvanized our will about it.  I don't want to be a fat, lazy Mom who never does anything.  I want FI to know that she can do anything.  And I want her to know that life is fun.  And I think BH feels the same way.

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