Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

I'm so effing sore. Helga, my sadistic East German personal trainer, put me through my paces yesterday, and now I can barely lift my arms. Thanks, Helga! ...I'm only kidding; her name is Connie, so far as I know she is not East German, and she's totally nice. But she is tough, and I'm so sore! But I am already registered for the Livestrong Ride this year, the 70 miler, and the Danskin Triathlon registration opens in February. This time, I'm taking hostages friends with me!

Today I had class from 8:30-10:30am, then stayed after to take some module tests. I did well on two of them, a 95 and a 100, then not so good on the third one. They did tell us that we wouldn't always do well, that we should take it in stride, blah blah blah, but it is not in my nature to accept anything less than a nice, solid B. So when I got a whopping 75 percent on that module test today, well... it was like giving me a nice paper cut and pouring lemon juice in it.

I have one more to take, which I'd hoped to do today but ran out of time and/or motivation to do, after that soul-sucking, life-draining, hope-stealing 75 percent hit me upside the head like a smelly dead fish. So, I did some reading today and I'll take it on Friday.

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