Friday, January 18, 2008

Nursing School Update!

Well, we Euphemism College student nurses have successfully negotiated two WHOLE weeks of nursing school. I have turned in two assignments (no grades back yet) and completed a "practice test" (to get us used to using the testing center and taking zillions of multiple-guess tests, presumably) and my first real! actual! test! I was nervous going into it but evidently I sucked it up enough to think reasonably clearly. The good thing is that you get your score immediately; the bad thing is that it doesn't tell you which ones you got wrong. Um, hey now, how am I supposed to learn from my mistakes if I don't know what they are?! Anyways, I got a 95 percent. :) Yay me!

My goal here is not perfect scores, or even A's. As they say, "B's get degrees." Certainly I will shoot for A's, because it is in my nature to do so, but realistically, it may not happen. So I decided to really shoot for perfect attendance. Barring catastrophic illness, it should be possible.

Yesterday we toured the facility where we'll be doing our clinicals, and so we got to troop around in our lab coats feeling all student-nursey. My particular group is going to be at a skilled nursing center which is an offshoot to a Governmental Hospital (mentioned more fully in this post, which I discovered I had forgotten to post but merely saved as a draft, so there it is at last) so we'll be working with mostly men of a certain age. Next Thursday we'll have to show up there at (cringe) 5:45 IN THE MORNING, wearing our uniforms and being all eager and stuff. Gah.

The Highly Recommended Rolling Backpack has indeed been an essential part of my not becoming a hunchback, and just yesterday I got to buy a fancy clipboard for clinicals which I can keep my Important Student Nurse Papers in. Mostly just assessment forms and stuff like that, but still! A neat clipboard that opens up! And has a place for your pen! But mine's a frosty purple and white instead of boring gray like that one in the link. I took Delia with me to pick it out and she chose purple over blue.

In other news, my classmate who plays World of Warcraft (on a different server, and she plays ALLY! EEEUW!) is probably going to crash with us for a couple of months. It could be quite cool. Hopefully it will at least not suck. :)


Jeff said...

That's very exciting. Good for you for pursuing your new career.

yellojkt said...

It's really happening. Congrats and good luck.