Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm not posting much lately and here is why:

I broke my finger.

I was taking apart a table to move it from the office to my bedroom, and it got kind of violent, and I was forced to subdue it, and somehow my left index finger got involved, and I went and had it xrayed because it hurt like a ... like something that hurts really bad. And they said it was not broken. That was Sunday.

Today J. got a call from The Evil HMO Empire saying, um, the radiologist had finally had a look at the films and, um, could I come in very soon? Because, um -- and we are sure you will find this terribly, terribly funny -- it is too broken, after all. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Today, internets, is Thursday. I have been walking around with a very swollen, grotesque, gigantic, purple-and-blue, painful broken finger for four days.

W. T. H. ? ? ?

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