Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More about Todd

I still cross-post to my original blog site on blogspot, and today I got a comment about the post I made about my Christmas tree, which ended with a memory of my friend Todd.

Maria said...

I found your blog today when I was doing a web search for Todd. We were friends in high school and though we lost touch, I'd wondered about him so often over the years. I then heard the terrible news about his loss when his body was found.

Yep, everything you say of him was true. Funny, talented, and so much more.

Just wanted to say it was nice to hear another memory of him.

I wanted to add that once a year or two after his disappearance, I was talking about him to a mutual friend, another gay man named Bart. I had had a dream that I was in Las Vegas, someplace I have never been in real life, and I was at some kind of conference or seminar or something with a group of people, like co-workers. We were walking across the hotel parking lot in the very early morning -- it was very vivid, this dream -- to a white van that we were going to get into to drive to wherever it was we were going, and here walking toward me, grinning and bright eyed and big as life, came Todd. He was wearing his jean jacket and looked just fine, as good as I'd ever seen him. I said to him, "Todd! What are you doing here? Everybody thinks you're dead!" And he said very animatedly, "Oh, I'm not dead! I'm in Las Vegas!"
When I told Bart about this dream, he got a very odd look on his face and told me that he had also dreamed that Todd was someplace hot and sandy.

Now I am pretty sure that when drag queens die, they go to that Great Vegas in the Sky.

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