Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So now I'm in the office working on school stuff (that's code for "wasting time blogging") and I keep having to shove Wilbur, the small black cat, off the desk. She's quite tricky, waits until I start to think, "Ah, she's forgotten about me and is off bugging the crap out of someone else," and then she STRIKES LIKE THE COBRA! It's worse if I've recently eaten toast and have neglected to take my plate to the kitchen. I have never met a cat more drawn to toast crumbs.

This afternoon I took the small fry to the library for a bit of fun, knowing as I do that I won't have much time to do such things in the near future. I'm sad thinking about how much time I won't be spending with her in the coming months.

But! To make up for it, okay more like to have something super cool to look forward to at the end of summer, I am in the preliminary planning stages for a fabulous trip to Disneyland in September!

I mentioned to my brother and sister-in-law that I would like to take Delia there soon, despite my better half's objections that it would be better to wait until she's 6 or 7. I say, take her now and then take her again when she's 6 or 7 or whatever. She'll have a ball no matter what. So anyway when I mentioned that, my SIL said, we're overdue for a trip to Disneyland, let me know when you're thinking of doing it and we can all do it together. I made that call yesterday, out of nowhere I just decided to do it, and today we started discussing various game plans and preferences. So far it looks as if we will drive down, soon after Labor Day most likely, and there is a possibility that we might stay at BetterHotelChain because my nephew works there and can get us cheap rooms. We will stay for five full days, if not longer.

I have not been to Disneyland in over ten years, J has not been since she was about Delia's age (3ish), and of course Delia has never been. I'm terribly excited. :)

So, now to hit the books. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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Elizabeth said...

Thats so cool about the trip! I agree, she'll have a blast, no matter what age!
And I love that your blogging about nursing school, it's so neat to hear about all the behind the sceens stuff!
:o) Liz in Alaska