Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I Done Do'ed It

WI (Weigh-in) at Fat Losers was great -- lost 3 point something pounds, for a grand total of 25.8 so far. There hasn't been a week yet that I have not lost at least 3 pounds. This breastfeeding thing, it's the best!

Took FI on a little shopping excursion today. I am sorry to admit, but we went to WalMart. I was on a mission for socks... BH needs a particular sort of sock and I haven't been finding them any of the places I normally shop. I was expecting it to be packed with parent/offspring groups shopping for school supplies but it was fairly quiet, for WalMart. During workday hours it's the domain of the elderly... So FI was admired by one and all. Had her in the Snugli facing out, she fell asleep while chewing on my thumb. Then hiked over to the coffee place (all the while quite paranoid that those bastards at WalMart security would tow my car if they saw me leaving it in the parking lot) and sat for a bit having a mocha and looking at the paper while FI snoozed peacefully in my lap.

Saw an interesting column about a family who decided to depart from the materialist way of life and spend one year not buying things. They only bought things that would be depleted by everyday living, like food, laundry soap, etc. No durable goods. I think it sounds interesting. They said that when the year was up they did not rush out to buy, buy, buy as they thought they might. They had just gotten used to finding other ways to meet their needs, like borrowing, trading, or doing without. They did also spend money on meals out and activities -- just not goods.

I think I'd like to try it sometime but not til after we get the treadmill... And not buying gifts for family at Christmas wouldn't fly... so we'd have to think about it. I would probably create some categories that were non-negotiable like BH has to have decent work clothes, etc. But we certainly don't need more DVD's, video games, tools, (and in my case) art/craft supplies, etc. It would be interesting to work with what we have... Or modify it a bit and create a sort of itsy-bitsy allowance for things. Heavens! A budget?!

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