Friday, September 03, 2004

Slow Fat Triathlete

Well, Barnes & Noble never sent us the books we ordered so BH got a refund (after many frustrating emails and finally a phone call in which she was urged to reorder the books!). So I went out and bought Slow Fat Triathlete and another book about how to train for triathlons, for women specifically. And I emailed a local organization about running and walking. They do some kind of 27-week program aimed at training for marathons on down, for the rank beginner as well as the seasoned pro. Too late to get in on it for this season but I asked what was up for the winter months and for advice for a newbie triathlete-to-be.

On the way home from bookstore had a moment in which I imagined myself finishing first triathlon, actually got verklempt thinking of how great it would be. So must.

Will get running shoes for my birthday. :)

FI napping finally. Love her to pieces but wish she was a good little napper sometimes.

She really is the most gorgeous baby ever.

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