Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunday Go To Meeting

We went to church today. Waverly United Church of Christ. The minister from that particular church is the one who married us in March, so we figured it would be a good place to start. UCC seems to be one of your more liberal, groovy types of churches.

BH grew up going to church whereas I only went sporadically; she attended a UCC for part of that time so it's familiar to her. I was an erstwhile Methodist, even got confirmed into the church but then realized in my early teen years (when evidently most churchgoing youth will stray if they're going to) that I had little or no idea why I was a Methodist vs. any other type of Christian, and also that I disliked many of the people at the church, particularly the horrid lady who badgered you into going to Sunday School (or had to know exactly why you weren't going). So I stopped going.

Why go back to church now? For starters, to protect our young one from other "Christians" who would claim that God doesn't love her mothers... And for community, I think, and for spiritual needs. We don't talk about them much, we're not that sort of people, and it's so uncool amongst the hip young crowd -- lesbians in particular; it's like if you're a lesbian, you must also be pagan, belong to the Green party, eat vegetarian, wear hemp clothing, etc etc. Not that I have anything against that sort of thing, it's just not who I am. Hemp is itchy, I like meat, etc.

Uh oh, FI awake. Not surprising, she dozed off at 6pm last night and it's 8am now.

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