Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It Could Be Worse

Friend Munka having some troubles. Husband PrickBoy has evidently been fooling around on her... Some woman called her house and asked her if she was happily married, to which M replied Of course, and the woman said Are you sure, and it turns out that PB has been telling this woman that he and M are getting a divorce (which wasn't the plan as far as M knew) and the woman's phone number appears on the cellphone bill every single day for a whole month, and maybe longer, M just couldn't get online to see last month's bill. PB's been pulling this "not coming home, not calling, not answering cellphone or returning messages" thing occasionally this past month too. Like that doesn't send up enormous red flags. He does travel for work but there's no excuse for not calling if she is expecting him home... obviously he's been fooling around, why else wouldn't he call or answer his phone, unless it's because he's hiding something?

So I may go down there and keep her some company later if she wants me to. Don't want to be in the way but she sounds pretty freaked out. Said she told him she wants some answers today or she's putting the house on the market tomorrow -- and we thought she had no backbone! Go M!

BH came home early yesterday, think my post freaked her out. We just spent relaxing afternoon/eve watching movies and talking and playing with baby. No need for freaking out, we will be okay... We never really go to bed mad (okay, irritated once or twice but never mad) and that's the main thing, not to let things lie too long, and we love each other so it'll all work out. This is all just stressful stuff, that's all.

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