Monday, August 30, 2004

Heavy Sigh

Well, we handed her off to her new person, who seems quite nice. She lives in a very funky old building in North Portland, not an area I'd live in personally but it's the sort of place hip young folk of today live. She has a rescued greyhound (who was wearing hilarious pink socks on his back feet when we saw him, to keep him from scratching this place on his neck) and another cat, and wanted a companion for her cat because he seems lonely. She made us cookies... so we drowned my sorrows in cookies on the way home.

When we left poor Banshee was huddled miserably in a bathroom cupboard, terrified. I wanted to crawl in there with her... My chest felt heavy all day afterward, and still does a little. But we called last night to see how she was and her new person said she was still in the bathroom but was grooving on some skritches and was rolling around on the floor, so it looks like she will be okay.

But I miss my little kitty.

There's a part of me hopes she won't adjust and we'll get her back, but then the piss wars would begin again so I know it wouldn't really matter, we'd just have to hand her off again. So I really just want her to be happy in her new place, and I'll think of her and get all verklempt sometimes.

Slick is next on the block, he's been kind of depressed since Banshee mysteriously disappeared (from his perspective). We found him spraying the couch... we didn't know he sprayed. He'll be a great pet for someone else... I never had the same attachment to him that I did for Banshee, he's a little more independent and kind of a big gomer, but I'll miss him too.

Almost time for Fat Losers! Better get dressed. Fat free Fudgsicles keep me on the straight & narrow... What keeps me from losing like I should is that I haven't been a) tracking well, b) drinking enough water, and c) exercising.

The exercising part is due mainly to FI, who still is not a big fan of the stroller, and the Snugli we have makes your back want to snap in half after about a half mile of walking. So I ordered a Mayawrap, not the classic wrap but this smaller sling thingy, in the hopes that it might help. Also once she can tolerate life a little better I'm hoping to make an arrangement with the neighbors across the street, that maybe Violetta (older lady babysitter who lives with them now) can watch her for an hour or two at a time so I can sneak up to the pool or go for a bike ride.

Meanwhile I'll just have to muddle along.

But as for the not tracking and the not drinking enough water, that's purely my fault and I need to get off my ass and make it happen.

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