Friday, August 27, 2004

One Down

Tomorrow we take Banshee (the peeing cat) to her potential new home. Someone from BH's work heard about our kitties and wants a companion for her cat, so we decided to split up the lovebirds. I hate to split them up but it's hard to find a home for an adult cat, and hopefully she will bond with her new friend and be happy.

We will still have to find a place for Slick, as without Banshee he will be even more gnarly to Wilbur. But Slick is a very calm, personable cat, very handsome and robust, and other than harrassing his elders has no real bad habits (for example, has never been known to pee anywhere inappropriate).

I didn't want to take them to a shelter, it was killing me, but this cat pee thing has got to stop. So I'm very glad that we have an option. She really is the most delightful cat and with luck will not pee anywhere strange in her new home. But today I went into the bedroom to lay the baby down and found Banshee and Slick curled up together, we call it "love in the afternoon" when they do that, and I had a pang at the thought of taking her away from him. I know that he will wander around the house looking for her after she's gone. :(

Lit a virtual candle today for an old friend of Cate's who has lost one triplet and faces the imminent death of a second one. I can't imagine. I was so distraught when I thought I'd lost Delia at 15 weeks, I can't imagine the anguish of giving birth to a sick baby, watching him go through surgeries and procedures, then losing him anyway... My heart just breaks for her. There was a sick baby born at the hospital when we were there having Delia and it really brought it into focus for me how lucky we were that she was born hale and hearty.

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