Saturday, August 28, 2004


We leave in about a half hour to drop Banshee off. I am so sad. She will be confused and scared, and Slick will be so lonely without her.

I know in the grand scheme of things this is hardly a blip on the screen -- she'll go to a good home, she'll be well cared for, she'll get over being scared and confused. Slick will go to a new home as soon as we can find one, and he'll be okay too. But we have had these cats for three years, we got Banshee when she was three weeks old, so tiny she slept in my overalls pocket. Slick was a sad, greasy stray when we found him outside. They have been together nearly all their lives. And loss always hits me the hardest. It's the constant in my life, separation from those most dear to me for whatever reason. When I studied abroad I was numb with the grief of being so far from everyone I knew, even though I knew I'd be home in a few months... And so it's a deeply personal issue for me. I feel so bad for doing this... but it's got to happen.

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