Sunday, August 01, 2004

Baby blues

Having to do some soul-searching lately. Became parent to especially screamy infant at exceptionally late age, for me anyway: 36. Set in my ways. Unused to constant responsibility and impossibility of sneaking off for any length of time except at the expense of another (i.e. wife must watch baby or baby must scream tiny little ass off). Wife willing to watch baby at times, but difficult to juggle wife's needs among my own and baby's... This is all such a huge, huge adjustment.

List of personal faults:
1. Selfish. Constantly craving "alone time."
2. Peevish. Unable to "roll with the punches," i.e. accept that baby will scream incessantly without, and sometimes in spite of, constant bobbling, rocking, bouncing, dandling, etc; complain out loud frequently of same, leading to negative mood in house.
3. Thoughtless. Wife feels like second banana constantly because I fail to make her feel special. And this is not needy wife constantly demanding attention. I mean, I fail to fulfill minimum requirements.

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