Thursday, August 26, 2004

Cat Pee Hostages

Woke up to the sound of a cat scratching in the corner of the bedroom. It was Wilbur. Did not find new pee there, but got all paranoid and got up to clean litterboxes. Found pee on the floor in front of the box in the kitchen and the ones in the basement... Have issued ultimatum to BH (not really but did express that I could not take even one more day of cat pee) that we must get rid of the two youngest cats ASAP, ideally Friday. The pee problems are escalating. It's because Slick torments Wilbur, then Wilbur in desperation pees somewhere she shouldn't, then Banshee is so painfully stupid she thinks that if there was pee there one time, it must mean it's totally okay to pee there from that day forward, even if it's right in front of the clean, inviting litterbox.

To date:
SE Corner of living room -- saturated, carpet ruined
S Corner of living room by hutch -- saturated, carpet ruined
Corner of bedroom by cabinet, once only
Baby's room, once only
Bathroom, to the point that we now close the door at all times
Basement, in front of litterboxes
Corner of mud room -- saturated, linoleum ruined
Both couches (though this was because Beany had bladder infection) -- ruined and will be disposed of eventually

It breaks my heart but I have reached the point where I can't take the pee anymore. The anger and despair over our house stinking like a litterbox now overshadows the heartache at the thought that Banshee and Slick will be scared and alone in some strange place. I don't think we can give them to anyone we know, as they will pee in their new home and that will just make their new owners hate us. I think we have to give them to a no-kill cat shelter... They are a bonded pair and so far as I know, they will be kept together and placed together.

I just want to cry but I can't live like this anymore.

It doesn't help that I didn't sleep well last night and then had a hard time getting FI down tonight too. She seems to be extra screamy lately when she gets tired. I was so deeply asleep when Wilbur woke me... and now I'm too upset to sleep. :(


Ellie said...

Since this was two years ago - can you tell me what you did? I two have cats that have turned our entire house into a catbox. It is so disgusting. I am at my wit's end.

Impetua said...

We ended up getting rid of one of the cats, which more or less solved the problem. We got a lot of advice about having as many litterboxes as we had cats, plus one -- so you'd need three litterboxes if you have two cats. Plus you have to clean them a lot.

My experience was that it was a kind of combination of dominance issues (where one cat wouldn't let another one near the litterboxes) plus one cat that had some health problems plus one cat that was really dumb. So we had to get rid of the dumb one and also we sold the house and moved and thankfully have not had the same issues here. Pretty much the only things that worked were to completely block access to the areas that they were peeing in, with baby gates and by placing furniture certain ways, etc. That enzyme cleaner stuff did help some but never really got them to stop altogether. I wish I had better answers for you!

Honestly, though, I have to tell you: if it gets to be where you can't stand being at home and spend all your time being angry at your cats, it might be time to think about finding a new home for one or both of them. As much as we loved our "dumb" kitty, life improved one thousand gazillion percent around here, and she went to a happy new home. But, I did have one cat that I would never give up, so I totally understand if you think that's way out of the question.