Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Also, Happy Anniversary To Us. Seven years. Can you believe it?! I selected a scrapbooking organizer thingy for the office closet as my gift (plastic organizers being the traditional seven-year gift, right?).

Spent last night watching "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and making pumpkin pies, just because we like pumpkin pies, and went to bed promptly at about one minute after midnight. Actually we were watching some home & garden show and I surfed over to the New Year's Eve broadcast from New York with a whopping three seconds to spare. I had thought that the show we were watching would end before midnight but evidently I was mistaken. There were some random fireworks outside as we crawled into bed, but nothing too spectacular. Not that it would have kept me awake anyway.

Today, made turkey soup and loafed around the house all day. The baby, as of this very moment, has been in the tub for about two hours. She loves to play in there and if you try to extract her without adequate reason (i.e. some fun activity to attend or other urgently entertaining thing) she will protest vehemently. By yelling things along the lines of "NO! I CAN'T! I DON'T! WANT! TO!" She's singing and splashing around in there very happily. Two hours, in water that I'm certain has been cold for a good while, and without a thrilling paperback. How does she do it?!

Her newest thing is to exclaim, "Poo poo!" and whoop it up, laughing maniacally, or else "Tartar sauce!" (courtesy a SpongeBob game on her Leapfrog that she got for Christmas; that's what SB says instead of "dammit!"). She sings songs like "Jingle Bells" but inserts "poo poo" or "tartar sauce" into them, i.e. "Poo poo Bells, Poo poo Bells, Poo poo all the way," etc. It's funny but yet getting tiresome...

School starts on Friday. Am actually looking forward to going back, esp. as I have only one class this term. Hoping for another A! So far I have gotten all A's, because I am smart and also because I have taken all this before, albeit years and years and years ago. Still, human anatomy has not changed much since then. :)


Melisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

What did YOU gift to the wife?

The organizer sounds simply splendid. Our TV went kapoot this weekend and we got a new tv/tv stand. So, I re-purposed the baskets that used to hold the kids movies as bathroom supplies organizers! So statisfying!

Oh! And guess what! Tonight we brought the bunny inside to play, and I gave her an old towel on the floor (because she slips a lot on the wood floors) and she used it as "home base"! When she would get startled, or too much petting she would run back to the safe shelter of the towel. So, I took it with her when she went back to the pen and she was phoofing it up and getting settled when I came back in! So ~ thanks for the tip!

Happy New Year!

Impetua said...

She can't think of anything she wants, so as of yet, no gift for her. She is not the jewelry-wearing type so I'm not going to rush out and buy her something expensive that she won't wear.

Glad your bunny is happy in her foofy towel! :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!