Monday, January 29, 2007


Dropped a brand new packet of dental floss in the dog water dish tonight. Total loss.

In other dog/floss related news, left a packet of floss on the counter the other night only to find empty container on the floor come morning. Am watching dogs closely for any signs of distress... they are so stupid. They will eat anything. Hope waits for us to take the baby to bed at night so she can plunder the countertops and highchair tray undisturbed.

In other news... washed cars Saturday in what felt like gale force winds, it was cold and windy but sunny so it seemed like a good idea until about halfway through. Then, not so much... Yesterday cleaned out interiors of garbage, toys, sippy cups, etc. -- found 7 sippy cups between the two cars, 6 of them in my car. So that's where they all went! Then I had time to vacuum out my car, and took the time to do super thorough job, under/between all the seats, etc. Even put up the 3rd row of seats so I could get under them. I amaze me. I even cleaned the interior surface of the windows and cleaned all the spilled latte' spots off anyplace I could find them. Go, me!

It was all very worthwhile for just the sheer pleasure of having a very clean vehicle once again, but made doubly so by finding the lost key-card to a friend's condo building. I used it to get in while I was cat sitting and then it just disappeared. I looked everywhere and thought I was going to go clean out of my mind. It must have fallen out of my coat pocket and down between the seat and center console... whew! It was quite satisfying to race into the house and call her to tell her. Yay!

Our chickens are laying eggs like mad. The extended molt they went through really bummed me out, I thought they wouldn't lay anymore, but now I'm pretty sure they are all laying. I find 3 or 4 eggs per day, so I think one of them is a bit sporadic, as we have four banties. Still, the eggs are starting to accumulate. French toast! Tapioca pudding! Mmmmm!

The new bunny is doing fine, I will clean cages tomorrow and take some photos while I'm at it. She still sneezes but doesn't seem sick, maybe she just has allergies to dust? I notice she does it after rooting around in her food dish sometimes, maybe that's it. I gave her antibiotics twice a day for two weeks, and she seems all right so I guess we'll just keep an eye on her.

It's not exciting news like some people have, but that's all I have to report. :)

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