Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So it snowed four inches yesterday between 5am and 5pm. For us, that's a lot of snow. I took the baby out in it twice, and thanked my parental instincts (more like shopaholic ways) for getting snow bibs and mittens for her a while ago when they were on sale. She stayed warm and toasty and played for ages. We live in a pretty flat loop so entertainment mainly centered on mucking around in the snow with shovels and dustpans, helping Aunt Shannon and cousin Thomas make a sort of heapy igloo-ish thing in their driveway, and pulling the kids around on a toboggan. Then after the first round of play I made real homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows and we all got warmed up.

Here's Delia in the igloo:

It's finally starting to melt, slowly, and traffic is starting to be able to move without bashing into things more than usual, so J. went in for a half day. She came home early yesterday when the roads started getting bad.

Best of all, I got to drive to the store! It was a double duty trip: grocery store for chowder fixin's and then mall for WoW expansion software! I put the rig in 4wd-hi and it gave me no trouble at all, just a wee bit of slippage going around one corner. I would not have driven this morning for love nor money, it was like a skating rink out there with the packed snow now frozen to a gloss on the freeways, but yesterday it was just fine as long as you went cautiously. And the snow was falling so prettily... I needed something like this.

Now vast sheets of it are slipping off the porch roof and everything's starting to drip. I hate to see it go, but it was such fun while it lasted. :)


yellojkt said...

That looks like fun. We have not had a flake of snow yet.

yellojkt said...

Update: We got our first dusting today. Well, maybe even a full inch.