Thursday, January 11, 2007


We got a new bunny yesterday. Poor Exidor was lonely and constantly harrassed by Ringo, with no one to complain to, so we got him a pal. Because we're crazy and stupid, that's why.

Note Ringo in background, all growed up and poised for maximum harrassment -- pretty poofy, eh?

We had decided we'd call the new bunny Cleopatra, because it just seemed to go with Exidor so well, but the new bun turned out to be a he-rabbit. So I suggested CleoPatrick, which I thought very clever and funny, but somehow it morphed into Clem (grainy old cartoon featuring little turtles digging for a lost brother, singing "Oh where can you be, Brother Clem, Brother Clem, oh where can you be darling brother/Oh we know you're down below, so come up and say hello, you're a young thing and cannot leave your mother", anyone?), and Clemuel, and now Clemopatrick. Anyway we call him Clem.

He's young and tiny! We though Exidor was small, but we were so wrong. He's a total monster next to little Clem. We were also a little worried that Ex would be mean to him, but the first thing Ex did was practically groom the fur right off of him. So we're pretty glad we got him a friend.


Melisa said...


The whole "groom the fur right off of him" makes me want to drive to the bunny store. RIGHT. THIS. MOMENT.

I am SO going to have to get another bunny and it is ALL YOUR FAULT!

(Which is what I will tell hubby, but just between you and me I already REALLY wanted a friend for Roxie)

PS I love the name Clem!

Melisa said...


I just noticed that in the one picture the cat is looking at Clem like it REALLY wants to eat him!

If I could zoom in I bet I could even see the drool!