Friday, January 26, 2007

6 Things That Make Me Unique

Courtesy of yellojkt, who did not tag me but merely listed it on his blog. I'm not tagging anyone because I hate that kind of pressure.

1. I have put on my left shoe first since I badly, badly sprained my left ankle in the 8th grade. Every. Single. Time. I do not put the baby's shoes on left-side-first, because I am not completely psychotic. But my own, yes.

2. One of my legs is longer than the other and my back is slightly twisted because I had a bone graft in my leg as a wee toddler. Spent 7 months in a long cast and 2 months in a short cast. My mother, who is a total saint, donated part of her hipbone to bridge the gap left when part of my left tibia was removed due to a tumor. And then she had to change my diapers while I waved an unwieldy and potentially dangerous cast in her face, for months and months. Bone grafts really take off in babies, and photos of me from a year or two later show my left kneecap riding almost completely offset above my right. As I grew up it sort of evened out but I'm a little crooked and always failed the scoliosis screenings in junior high. I still can't carry a bag on my right shoulder, it slides right off, and when I had my leathers custom-made at Langlitz they cut the jacket to accomodate this slight, yet charming, imperfection. :)

3. I like pickled beets to the point of insanity. They are like candy...

4. When I visit foreign countries I like to buy toothpaste to use at home as a reminder of my trip.

5. I studied in Moscow when it was still a communist countryj (and was hungover most of the time).

6. I have had every single one of my limbs in a cast at some point or another, some more than once.

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yellojkt said...

The picled beets is definitely weird. Being a drunk student in communist Russia just sound fun.