Friday, January 12, 2007

Little Bunny, we hardly knew ye.

I'm still in shock.

Little Clem developed diarrhea yesterday; we thought, well, let's not give any fresh fruits or veggies, it's probably just the change in diet and the new surroundings. This morning it was not any better so I thought, I'll call the vet when I get home from the gym.

Well, after the gym I had to go pick up a prescription and that took bloody ages. When I got home.... Little Clem was gone. His poor little body was stretched out in the litter box. I can't believe it. Poor little guy.

J. is on her way home, we're returning his remains to the pet store. Our other bunny is totally fine, no evidence of any illness at all.

I'm so sorry, little guy. I just didn't know you were so sick that you'd be gone in just a few hours. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and do right by you.


yellojkt said...

That's very sad. Pets have no way of telling how serious it is. On the other hand, neither do teenagers. My son had a ruptured appendix for nearly a full day before we got him to the hospital

Elizabeth said...

Poor little bunny. he was such a cutie too. Are you going to get another one? It sounded like your first bunny really liked having a friend!

Impetua said...

We called the pet shop and they told us to bring in the remains and swap it out for a new bunny. It sounds heartless but that's the way it goes.

So we got Cleo, and once she makes it past a few milestones I will post some pics. She's white with pink eyes.

Naturally she developed a cough/sneeze the day after we brought her home and so I took her to the vet, having no confidence in the pet store to care for her properly. Ninety dollars later I have to give her medicine twice a day for two weeks, but she seems to be doing all right. We'll keep her in her own quarters (a large dog crate) until the medicine is gone.

Impetua said...

Oh, and the next time I go to the mall I'll be visiting the pet store and speaking with the owner. We go there every week after library storytime to visit the animals so I have met him. I intend to present him with the vet receipt and let him know that I am unhappy with receiving two sick animals from his shop. I doubt he will do anything about it but you never know. He seems like kind of a jerk... but once in a while even a jerk can surprise you.

Mel said...

Oh Impetua, I am SO sorry! I was not online for the past few days, and only just now read about Clem. I feel so sad for you, how is Delia taking it?

I hope all goes well with the new bunny.

Impetua said...

We took the easy way out and told her little Clem was just visiting and went back to the pet store, and that Cleo was going to visit now. She seems pretty unaffected by the whole thing. I think she's too young to try to explain death to, and I didn't let her see Clem's body.

Cleo is doing pretty well so far, she has been confirmed female (it's more difficult than you might think to tell) and I've been giving her her medicine morning and night. She's a nice little bunny, curious and mild-mannered. She's still having sneezing fits but they are much less than they were, maybe a couple times a day vs. all day long, so I think the medicine is working.