Thursday, January 04, 2007

What A Dog Likes

Added to list of things our dogs find irresistible: Play-Doh.

Here's the rest of the list, for the morbidly curious:

1. Food in any form (raw, cooked, rotten, belonging to others, imaginary, etc)
2. Any plastic item manufactured by Playmobil (Santa's head particularly delicious)
3. Toothbrushes
4. Used diapers/sanitary items (eeeeeeuw)
5. Cigarettes (unsmoked), matches
6. Litterbox "nuggets of joy" (cat or rabbit, cat being the preference)
7. And especially crayons (any brand), little flecks of which are found later embedded in various piles of dog crap out in the yard.

Of course, these dogs are mere amateurs; our Doberman Bosco could and did eat a large banana whole, peel and all. He picked and ate cherries off the tree and blackberries from the vine. He would catch and swallow anything you tossed to him, food or not, which made it ridiculously easy to give him a pill. He also ate dog crap when he was lucky enough to find it, making our backyard a veritable smorgasbord. Frequently the life cycle of a bag of cat food went as follows:
Day 1: eaten by cat, digested, deposited in litterbox.
Day 2: salvaged lovingly from litterbox by Ollie and/or Hopie, re-eaten, re-digested
Day 3: re-deposited in yard
Day 4: re-salvaged from yard by Bosco, re-re-eaten, re-re-digested
Day 5: re-re-deposited in yard
Day 6: quite possibly re-re-salvaged by Bosco, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

It's a pretty life we lead, isn't it?

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Melisa said...

GAH! Oh, this had me laughing SO hard!

The nuggets of joy (we call them kitty biscuits) and the re-re-depositing where the best!