Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Where to even begin?

Lordy. The entire house is a sty and there is all this new stuff to find homes for.

Here is my list of priorities for today:

1. Go nowhere, unless it is possible to stow baby across the street while out. She is so burned out after four consecutive days of at least two hours per day (if not four) in car.

2. Rabbit cage, kitty litter box: cleaning of each and vacuuming near same.

3. Laundry and clean sheets.

4. Dishes and menu.

5. De-Christmas-izing house, beginning stages.

Where to even begin?! Everywhere I look there are heaps of things in desperate need of tidying.



Melisa said...

Is your bunny litter trained at all? In the cage even? Does your cage have a wire bottom? What kind of chips/litter do you use?

My book said, no wire bottoms! But, the all the bunny hutches have wire bottoms, so I covered my with newspaper, but then the poop doesn't fall through and every time she hops around the litter goes flying everywhere. Also, I was using low dust cedar chips, but they stick to her fuzzy fur like crazy.

This bunny ownership is more complicated than I thought it would be. Chickens/ducks/goats were MUCH easier.

Impetua said...

He is litter trained, I got one of those triangular litter boxes and a bag of expensive round litter "pearls" and he pretty much trained himself. Now I use this litter made from newspaper, I think it's called Good Mews, I found out about it by looking online. It's low dust and not expensive and you can get it at the BigBoxPetStores.

My cage has a plastic bottom with slots in it and he seems to get along fine on it. I put a towel down in the area where he hangs out and I'm leaning on J. to make him a little box so the cat can't reach in and pester him, I want the box to have a bottom on it so he has a solid floor to lay on. He messes the towels all up.

I don't use any shavings or litter, I just give him an old towel to nest in if he wants it. I read online that the shavings can make their eyes irritated. I don't remember any of the sites I looked at but if you Google you will find about a zillion.

I bet if you cover half (or more if it's a large cage) of the cage bottom with paper, the half away from the litterbox, you'll minimize the amount of poop/litter that gets kicked around and the bunny will still have plenty of comfortable space to stand that isn't wire mesh.

I give mine toilet paper tubes to chew on and get him those treat sticks that attach to the bars, he grooves on them. :)

We have chickens too and they are much easier, I totally agree. Our banties started laying again and now we have itsy bitsy eggs coming out our ears....

Impetua said...

Er actually it's called Yesterday's News. :)

Almost bought the wife another bunny for our anniversary which is Sunday. May still do it...