Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blurry bunny pics etc

Well, it's official: we have buntegration. Our bunnies are corabbitating.

You'd never know he was neutered from the way Exidor humped poor Cleo like a, well, bunny for the first few minutes. But, after the novelty wore off he settled down and now they are like an old married couple only much, much cuter.

I was not able to really hunker down for an extended photo shoot so can offer only these sad pictures, blurry as they are.

Here is Cleo with an Excitingly Artificially Colored Rabbit Toy. Note that she is your standard white dwarf rabbit with pink eyes.

Here is a really bad photo but I had to show you Exidor's belly:

Snorgling in lazy afternoon bliss:

And, in an un-bunny-related matter, remember that sleek young Siamese-ish kitten we adopted last summer? Behold! He turned out to be very, very fluffy.

Here the baby, in all her bed-headed, pajama'ed splendor, gives him a tour of the kitchen in her wagon. Note new stove in background (burners not only all work but do not slant, bonus!) and ugly floor that is being replaced once we get our taxes back, what with the dry rot causing the fridge to slowly sink into the crawl space...


Melisa said...



Woman, you are a wordsmith!

It's looks like it's all bunnies-kitties-little girl's pulling wagons with cat cargo and sunshine over there!

I'd say your life is pretty dern exciting. I always think your blog is WAY more fun to read than mine!

Impetua said...

Meh, it's not all cookies and sunshine and little green apples over here, but we do our best.

The cat spends a fair amount of his free time in that little wagon, by the way. Evidently it is irresistibly cat-sized and perfect for nappage.

I think you take better photos and I would JUST DIE if we got to have a little bundle of baby bunnies like you got.... But, Exidor came from the Humane Society and they insisted on giving him the Big Snip before we could take him home. Our only hope is if Cleo spent a little quality time with some handsome thing at the pet store, as your Roxie did.

And yes, yes, I know the world doesn't need more bunnies and so forth. I *know* that. But OMFG! Baby bunnies! Eeeeeeeee!

Mel said...


Your Delia and bunny pictures are ALWAYS adorable. And you are a much better word-maker-upper.

Is it getting a little highschool-ish between us?

Your better!
No! I insist it is you!

Ah well.

We both know behind the rainbows and chipmunks we both have issues and I just wish there was some way to convey thanks for all the understanding, comments, and smiles you have brought to me and my little blog lately.

Impetua said...


Likewise :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the cute fuzzy bunny and big fluffy kitty! When I saw the picture of the cat I said out loud "Aww, look at the cute kitty kitty kitty." and Fred started whining. He wants a kitty soooo baaaad!
Oh and always, Cutest. Baby. Ever!