Thursday, July 28, 2005

More Goings On

Beany and Slick did this cuddly thing on the bed ONE time and we caught it with the camera! We call it, "Love in the Afternoon."

Picked up Beany's ashes yesterday. There isn't much left when you cremate a 6.5 lb. cat, it turns out. They are in a box in the kitchen right now and I am avoiding looking at the box for the most part. Still quite sad.

Delia is so big. She wiped her face yesterday! When we were cleaning up after lunch. I thought she just wanted to suck on the baby-wipe but first she wiped her face and smiled, and then stuffed it in her mouth. She also used crayons to make little marks on her menu (we were at a restaurant having lunch with Julianna, as I don't normally provide menus at home) before stuffing them in her mouth.

The chickens are getting bigger -- growing in their big-chicken feathers. We think the frizzled one may be a rooster, but the other big dark one may also be too. So they will go back to Amy if that's the case. Can't have roosters in town. Nor do we want to.

Sidingwalla Kenny has thus far failed to turn up except Monday. He called today to say he'd be here tomorrow. Evidently one of his kids broke an ankle, no news yet as to which kid. So when I said, "Home stretch," those of you with experience in these contractor-related matters thought to yourselves, "Only three more months!"

Not much else new. I have not been running like I should, in part because I'm so lazy and it's been bloody hot out, but also because I've been holding out for a time I could go without the baby because it's so much easier -- but I need to stop doing that. All that does is make it easy to put it off until it's too late. I have been doing good at the swimming, got about 25 laps in and would have gone longer but ran out of time. Plus was delayed by three clueless walrus-sized individuals who mistook "lap swim" to mean, "getting from one end of the pool to the other any way we feel like it, slowly and with much chatting." One of them actually got in my face because I failed to adquately kiss her ass about where in the pool she was supposed to "swim." She had tried to rearrange everything after the lifeguard came over and posted signs and told everyone to circle swim: "Well, we're really slow so we'll just stay over here and you guys can have the other two lanes."

Yeah, because this medium lane is really for slow people. It just says medium to keep all the other slow people who aren't you out of the lane. Wink, wink.

I saw the three of them in the locker room afterward. Turns out the one who got in my face is one of those super-entitled people who bosses everyone around and is pushy and confrontational to get her way. The other two were really passive and not a one of the three of them was any too bright. I'm going back to the pool tonight, and if she's there, well, it won't be any damn fun, that's all.

Well, back to the salt mines.

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