Tuesday, July 19, 2005


We have chickens. And they have us. Aren't they cute?

One of the darker ones has frizzly feathers. The darker ones are larger than the yellow ones. They are all just as stupid as can be, being chickens and all, but so very cute. My brother and his family have a flock and a few roosters are allowed to run free, and one of them (named Brewster) comes running when you call him. I mean he races to the door from wherever he is, with only brief interludes of getting stuck in the corner of the fence or whatever. I did say they were not smart, right?

Currently they live in a box in the office, pretty lush accomodations for chicks I must say, with lots of fluffy pine shavings and a heat lamp. Well, it's just a clip lamp like you would use in your garage or something, but it works just fine. We are quite vigilant that it stays put so that we have no fire hazard -- sister Amy's barn burned down completely owing to the heat lamp catching it on fire... It was a very old dried up tinderbox of a barn and it went up like flash paper. They lost all their baby chicks, ducklings and goslings. Rather than have to deal with the whole death issue, they told their 4-year-old son that the firemen took them home with them since there wasn't a barn to keep them in anymore. So when they got new ones he worried "Will the firemen come get them too?" Because they hadn't rebuilt the barn.

These chicks are from Amy's flock. Julianna drove an hour and a half each way to pick up four dollars worth of baby chicks... :) She loves them.


Elizabeth said...

How cute are your chickes?? Very VERY cute!! Do they have names?? I'd name them Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky and Goosey Loosey and Foxy Loxy,... but then I'm a dork, so, take that into consideration.

Impetua said...

Well, I think the frizzy one will be named Harriet, and the smallest one is named Squat, and the two in between we haven't decided yet. I think I want to name one of them Lucille. Maybe the other yellow one. So that leaves one dark one left to name... Hmmm... Maybe... ELIZABETH?!!!!