Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rad Fae

I was just reading a blog linked to another blog I read... Two degrees of blog separation. Anyway it was well written and interesting, particularly the parts about the blogger's Radical Faerie thing. It's all about rites and rituals and being a gay guy at a festival wearing a dress and energy pathways and so forth. In a way I find it kind of laughable, but I'm sure he finds my spirituality laughable too, so no harm done. I actually felt pretty accepting of it, in a kind of snorting behind my hand way. :)

I think in a way I am kind of envious of the whole "my life is so different (and therefore more interesting) than everyone else's" thing since my life is in fact a lot like most people's, except for the whole gay thing, which has very little impact on my life other than I live with a woman and can't get married legally. I mean, I don't march in parades, I'm not particularly politically active, I don't do a lot of gay-specific things. I live in a burb and complain about my contractor. I don't sing opera, hike the Himalayas, etc etc.

But, there it is. I don't find my life boring, though at times I'd like to do some more exciting things -- travel, mostly -- and I don't feel more than the passing need to call attention to myself by doing/saying/wearing outrageous things for the most part. I guess it could be worse.

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