Monday, July 18, 2005

Slogging Along

Ran today completely solo for the first time ever. Note that there are so many milestones: ran in park with baby, ran in park with dog, ran out of park with dog. Now ran out of park with neither dog nor baby. Actually ran as described in the program, taking brisk 5-min. walk to start, then ran 90 sec, walked 90 sec, ran 3 minutes, walked 3 min., then repeated run/walk regime. Much shorter than dragging sorry ass on the long schlep to the park to run in cloistered shame. But park is shady... Ah well, it was early enough to not get roasted.

It's damn hot here. Not that humid but just damn hot. We have A/C. We rock! But I drive the Vanagator which has no A/C. So we don't go anywhere after 11am on days like these, if we can help it. I reserve the Mazda if I know we're driving somewhere far on a hot day, but it's hardly worth all the whining... Just kidding! But I'd whine too if I thought I'd be sitting on the slab inching along in a sweltering hotbox coming home from work on a hot afternoon. The freeway here is insane. By local standards.

Anyway the run was swell, after a fashion: I did not fall to the ground begging to die, despite having to run three whole minutes in a row, twice.

We have chickens. Four chicks, fluffy little balls of peeping wonderfulness, each capable of excreting every quarter-hour, not just on the floor of their pen but in the water dish and food dish as well. And presumably on each other though I have not witnessed this personally as of yet. However, I'm sure it won't be long before I do.

Our largest and least intellectual cat, Slick, has taken offense at the usurpage (is this a word?) of his throne room. The chicks live in the office for now, til they are old enough and we have a coop to put them in. Slick sits outside and tries to claw the door open, meowing piteously all the while. He has seen the chicks and would very much like to eat them, but we are so mean that we will not allow this.

In other news, I have read the new Harry Potter book and declare it to be quite absorbing. I only wish the last one was out already. I won't tell you who dies unless you request it.

Her Majesty is sleeping, a decently long nap for once. She's been so cranky... She's learned to trail a string behind her so that Slick will give chase, so we can count on her doing laps around the house at least twice a day, squealing in delight.

Yesterday she fouled her swimming pool. We will be using swim diapers from here on out, even in the wading pool at home. :)

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Anonymous said...

It's actually usurpation, but I use the word "usurpage" as well. I was googling it and stumbled upon your blog. You are not alone in its usage! (Oh another 'age')