Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Calmly terrified

Or is it terrifiedly calm?

Have been obsessing about the triathlon. It's on the 21st. That's less than three weeks.

Am I ready? Uh, no. Am I doing it anyway? Yes. Am I crazy? Oh, most certainly.

So I got road tires put on my mountain bike, will oil it up real good tomorrow, got a rear-view mirror for my helmet -- been meaning to, always had one when I commuted by bike, just too lazy to get me to a bike store. Ordered some bike clothing. Still haven't decided what to wear. Swimsuit? Then when you get out of the water you put on your bike shorts and jersey or shirt or whatever, and wear that when you run. Or there's tri clothes you can get but I don't know that I'm ready for that. I want the clothes to be something I'd actually wear in public later. Tri clothes are like a sleeveless top and bike shorts with a somewhat thinner pad in them so you don't feel so diaper-y when you run. Bike shorts which show off the whole back porch to the world at large.

So I'm thinking, swimsuit, despite concerns about chafing, then baggy bike shorts and a rather unflashy non-descript jersey. But that doesn't address the jogbra thing. I wear this superstrappy industrial strength jogbra. It keeps things where they belong which once you've breastfed for a while is somewhat more meaningful than when you were, for instance, a nubile 21-year-old. But I digress. Anyway, like I want to put that on under my swimsuit or (shudder) over it, and when wet to boot. Humph. Have to think some more. I guess some people swim in just their jogbra and bike shorts but that's way too much exposure of my mayonnaise-white flesh. No, as a courtesy to others I must find another way. I'm taking a poll of the tri club although I don't particularly expect an answer since there have been something like three postings in the past four months.

What else is new? J sprained her wrist opening a jar of caramel sauce. How's that for a sad tale to tell others? "How'd you hurt yourself?" "Um, opening a jar of caramel sauce." To give her some credit, that jar really put up a fight. Then it got worse this morning after she smacked the dog for attacking the cat (the cat was not injured though she was pretty pissed off for most of the day) so she had it looked at and now has a strappy little splint. Delia is quite intrigued by the velcro.

Delia spent her day happily diving onto a filthy dog bed that I had carelessly tossed into the living room while I cleaned the bedroom rug in preparation for the shiny new dog bed I got at Costco yesterday. She is obsessed with pillows, piles of dirty (or clean) clothes, etc -- anything she can throw herself onto. If it's clothing, she also likes to put things over her head as if putting on a shirt, so it's not unusual to see her come tearing out of the bedroom with a bra or some underpants around her neck. Hence my caution around giving her access to dirty clothing.

Back to the salt mines. Must clean kitchen. Argh. And run. Double argh. :)

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