Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update time

Golly, I haven’t updated in bloody ages. There hasn’t been a lot going on, I mean other than getting stuff done that needs doing, or else putting it off until some other time. More typically the latter.

I got my fingerprints done and back already, so that’s out of the way. Then had to send in a copy of my CNA training diploma to verify that the training was completed no more than one year prior to my entry into nursing school. Now have to submit my transcript for the last term of anatomy & physiology, which I thought I did but must have forgotten. Must find checkbook…

There are some things I need to get done before starting nursing school. For starters, clean out the horrible Pit of Despair that used to be my lovely, spanking clean, shiny office. It has become the “dump & run” room where anything hanging around the kitchen or wherever gets thrown before we have a party or some other such event. And the filing. Ye gods, the filing. I am spending my days shredding ancient stubs that don’t need to be kept (gas bill July 2005, etc.) and trying to find homes for the many miscellaneous pieces of crap that I simply must keep, yet have no place for. The closet is full of college textbooks (ed. note: not mine). There is much junk piled around. It is depressing. I would like to have it whipped into shape before the shit hits the fan in January.

Tomorrow I get to go look for more Crocs. I bought that bright yellow pair at the triathlon and now my feet are totally addicted. For those of you who are not acquainted with my feet, let us just say that they are a sad example of what feet are not supposed to be as regards structural requirements, load-bearing, etc. I wear the Crocs and my feet sing with pleasure, giddy foot-laughter abounds, etc. I wear anything else, even with orthotics, and my feet are sad and grouchy by mid-day, even on days wherein I do not spend much time on my feet. I realize that there are many Croc-haters out there, but I for one cannot say enough good things about them. I mean, I wouldn’t wear them to the opera, but for everyday casual wear they are great. So now I would like a pair that are a slightly less exciting color, like maybe chocolate brown or similar.

Ooh, speaking of the opera, my mother and stepfather and I are going to see “Carmen” this week. The woman playing Carmen looks fantastic. :)

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