Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cat Prin

Go thou here and look verily within. Disappointment shall not afflict thee.


Elizabeth said...

I loved the descriptions:
"Observe the great cat in the world! The blouses with the cute border of Lacework are the goods of the name of "LISA.""

MarkW in PDX said...

OMG! Cat Prin is too funny!

The body language (look at the ears) on the "models" indicates that the kitties are less than pleased with some of the outfits. This is more than made up for with the wonderful English translations.

katie said...

oh yes. yes yes yes! Libby MUST have the frog suit tomorrow!

So sorry to hear of your dryer/clothing mishap! It happened to me once when I unintentionally added lipstick to the mix. Dozens of dollars PISSED away! Back to Value Village for me!

You, on the other hand, dress in a bit better class of clothing, so this is a double yuck.

The baby jesus has already forgiven you your absence from mandated fellowship. Of course, you'll pay for it later. MUCH later.