Sunday, July 02, 2006

Office Beautification

I said I'd post photos for my own personal gratification, and here they are. Bear in mind that it's just a bit of paint and some organization, I'm not claiming to be some fancy-schmancy interior decorator or anything. I just get a real sense of satisfaction having this pleasant, functional space. In fact I find myself stepping in and gazing upon it in wonderment from time to time. Sadly, I have no "before" pictures, but imagine a) white walls, b) junk everywhere, c) poorly arranged furniture, and d) no real floor space to speak of.

That being said, here we go:

The desk and shelves area. The computer under the desk is the one we're junking.

The computer we actually use, on an antique round oak table. I want to find a different configuration, the printer is crammed behind one of the massive, elderly speakers and is awkward to get to. But for now it will do.

My better half installed a clever hook for my portfolios to hang from, in some dead space along the side of the desk. She's very handy and smart.

Everything is aggressively organized and labelled. I hate having to rummage around any more than absolutely necessary. These little chests were purchased unfinished from I-Inexpensive-K-European-E-Megalo-A-Mart. I finished 'em up and I ruv them very much. The glass knobs on the blue one are antique, from some built-ins in my Mom's old house. She put new knobs on them for some reason and I ended up with the old ones.

Anyway thanks for looking. :)

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