Sunday, September 16, 2007

Inky badness

For the second time in about six weeks, an ink pen has found its way into a place where no ink pen belongs. That's right, my friends: the dryer. The dryer full of my favorite clothes. The dryer with my daughter's new shirt and tights in it. The stupid dryer. GAH.

So I'm skipping church today to go find some new clothes. Sorry, Lord Almighty God the Father, I'm having a wardrobe crisis and somehow that's more important to me today than engaging in worship and fellowship with my chosen family.

...That, and the fact that the other day whilst browsing around in a store I happened to see some of the very clothes that just got ruined, and they were on clearance. I can't risk another three hours (service + visiting after + drive time) on them being snapped up right out from under me! By some mindless, undeserving zombie who didn't just have half her major wardrobe staples defiled by Papermate or Bic or whoever. Surely this is excusable.

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yellojkt said...

A dryer disaster is always a good reason to go shopping. Mostly my son doesn't empty his pockets real well.