Friday, December 01, 2006

Just In Case

Just in case life wasn't crappy enough, we have been roped into driving up to see my father and the evil harpy he calls his wife. It's four hours each way. We're going up the Friday before Christmas and coming back about 24 hours later. I do not want to cede even the tiniest portion of my Christmas Eve to these people... I have the good excuse that we want to go to our own church that day. They can hardly argue with that. And I'd like to see them try.

Then Christmas Eve we'll drive a little over an hour to see my mom, and then on Christmas day we'll schlep over to J's parents' house which is a good 45 minutes.

I hate all this driving. Next year people can come to see us instead.


yellojkt said...

Relative ordeal is something I've quit dealing with. My wife's brother is coming over for Christmas dinner and that's it.

J.Po said...

What, no pushback denigrating YOUR church? Dad must be slipping. ;-)

Impetua said...

At this point I'm sure he figures any (bleeding heart liberal pansy ass all-is-forgiven) church is better than none.

Best of all, by wanting to come home to our own church we escape any exposure to his!

I bet his church has a "gospel square dance" club or similar.

I would say, no offense to square dancers, but really: is there any excuse for matching Western-style ensembles on Buick-driving city folk? I think not. And don't get me started about the foofy skirts.