Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cuteness Abounds

OMFG, my WoW realm server is down! OH THE HUMANITY!!!

So, I have to post a few photos of super adorable cuteness here on my lonely blog instead.

We went to get the Christmas tree on Saturday. The tree farm was a total zoo, packed with muggles etc., but we managed to find a lovely specimen and end its life mercifully quickly. Then we had to stand around (temp in the 40's btw) and wait for SIL, cranky toddler niece (nearly 2), and Future Woodchucks of America hopeful nephew (age 6) to slaughter their tree. It took a lot longer for them owing to the nephew's insistence on doing as much of it as he could. Next year we're bringing lawn chairs and a propane heater, I think. At any rate, cuteness abounded and I got a few pics.

We also managed to hit the leaf pile again this year, just before Halloween, and here you see the results:

Tell me she isn't perfectly marvelous. I dare you. :)

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