Saturday, July 22, 2006


It was 104 degrees here yesterday. Tarzan couldn't take this heat... It's cooling off little by little over the next few days. Which is good because despite the air conditioning, it's just annoyingly hot and humid out there.

I craigslisted some monster zucchinis from our garden this evening. Here is the photo, featuring car keys for scale. Not to worry, there are still plenty left for anyone who might like one; talk nice to me and I might even overnight them to you, I am that desperate to find homes for them. I went out there and prowled around this evening, after a few days of inattention to the garden other than watering, and lo and behold, lurking in the shadows beneath the giant, prickly leaves: two proud squash, fairly pulsating with vegetabley goodness. So I listed them in the hopes that some cheapskate out there is just dying to make zucchini bread or something. I tried feeding some to our new bunny the other day but he's smarter than you'd think and wouldn't touch it.

Speaking of whom, he's out of his cage and dorking around the room as we speak. At last, I post a photo: meet Exidor.

Wonder if I'll be able to catch him when it's time to put him back in his cage...

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Liz said...

What a cute little bunny! And wow! Those are some big vegetables!!