Thursday, July 27, 2006

Remote blogging

Have purchased laptop, named it Retail Therapy, and it is happily interfacing with free wifi provided by Our Fair City. I am deeply, deeply happy about this. At last, I can realize my dream of sitting in Starbucks with my overpriced coffee drink, declining to interact with my fellow humans, wasting bandwith on frivolous blogging and surfing. So this is what it's all about...

What's really making me happy is that my Better Half is starting to feel better after a brief illness. That's all I can say about it here. But it is cause for jubilation.

The other cause for jubilation: short version, I took an exam today that I thought would be horrible, very difficult, etc., and I got 84 out of 90. Longer version: See, the quizzes were open book and fiendishly hard, and I was up super late frantically cramming, and I thought the exam would be similar to the quizzes and I bombed a quiz in my other class this week, and it was just all rolling into a Big Hairy Ball of Anxiety and Hopelessness. I found myself murmuring, "I am so fucked," as I studied and crammed and wandered the house tensely fingering random objects between bouts of wearing out my second highlighter on my textbook. True story. Then, I finally went to bed, spent a few minutes reading fluffy chick fiction, went to sleep, and woke up a bajillion times with my head spinning before finally getting up at 5:30am to review a bit more. I was actually shaking when I sat down to take the test. Of course, I drank two sodas after 8pm and didn't have any brekky, but I think most of it was nerves. I should probably have known that a closed book exam would be less horrific than an open book quiz, but I have this way of catastrophizing... The test was quite reasonable and at least one of the questions I knew the answer to but just didn't think it all the way through so I got it wrong.

In other news: Am participating in bike ride this weekend. Will post the least hideous photo, which means there is a good chance there will be no photo. Anyway it's that 34 mile downhill one, after which my butt will still be sore but I shouldn't be too bad off otherwise.

Life is a little bit less horrible today. Hallelujah.

When I was a kid I had this terrible stepfather and I generally take every opportunity to vilify him as completely as possible, but just now I remembered something he used to say that was funny: "Life is just a shit sandwich, and every day you take another bite." Part of what made this funny was that it was something we said when something non-catastrophic went bad, like if you dropped your ice cream into the dog water dish, not for things that were super bad (because then it would just be depressing), and the other thing was the cadence of it, said properly: Life is just a shit sandwich, and every day you take a-nother bite. It's hard to express in print but it had its own certain vitality.

No bite for me today.

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Liz said...

I'm so glad your Better Half is feeling better, and congrats on the quiz!! Yea! You deserve some good news!!