Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Human Garbage

Now normally I have a certain reverence for Life, and a fair amount of respect for the rights of others to have views that may differ vastly from my own, even if they are completely wrong, as they so often are.

Normally, I do.

This evening I was sitting quietly under a shady tree outside my classroom doing a little last minute studying... okay, I was talking on my cellphone. Nonetheless, I was minding my own business, just sitting there. Then some bonehead pulls up and parks in the lot adjacent to where I was sitting and sits in his car with the stereo blasting and all the windows down. I could hear the "music" blaring but was preoccupied with my phone call and so the lyrics didn't register until sadly it was too late. I finished my call and had packed up and was heading into the building when I realized that the current song lyric was repeating something derogatory about persons of the Jewish persuasion. Really, really derogatory.

So I consulted a posting about How to Contact Security and informed the helpfully earnest young woman on the phone what had just happened. She told me that I had to report it while it was in progress next time, but took the license plate and make/model of the guy's car from me anyway. Then she asked me, out of curiosity, what kind of things the songs were about since she had never heard any racist songs of that nature before, and when I told her "we'll wash ourselves with (n-word) blood" or something like that, she audibly gasped.

I saw the piece of human garbage departing from his car and later he walked past me, whistling, while I was outside my lab making yet another phone call. He fit the stereotype: short, muscular, cocky, almost-shaven head, though he was not dressed as a skinhead or anything like that. I wanted to bash his moronic, ignorant, bigoted face in, but of course being a peaceable sort and a bit wimpy, plus unversed in the finer points of pugilism, I refrained from doing so and merely hoped inwardly that one day he would get what he richly deserved by way of prosecution. Or persecution. I'm not picky. And if he gains understanding by getting his ass kicked, well, who am I to argue with the natural order of things.

That being said, guess I'll toddle off to bed. Righteous indignation is very tiring.


J.Po said...

Why is it that some choose to broadcast their ignorance and intolerance at high volumes? What exactly is the appeal of taking a piece-of-shit car and spending twice its value on a Rose Bowl-size sound system and big, cheesy rims?

We have plenty of time to wait for the ultimate answers to these questions, Queen Mum Impetua, whilst these dolts become so deaf that someone will need to sign to them at the fast-food counters.

Impetua said...

You give them too much credit. They will merely point at the menu and grunt until someone brings them food.

Chimps can learn to sign and I would far rather serve them in a restaurant, even if they sometimes fling poo. :)