Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Microbial Fun Fun Fun!

Took my first science quiz last Thursday. I am proud to say I got 23.5 out of a possible 25. I would have gotten 24.5 but I forgot to go back and finish one question. Urgh!

Of course, there was another quiz today that I was completely unaware of until about 90 minutes beforehand, but even that one seemed okay. I mean, I don't think I blazed any new trails in microbiology or anything, but I'm pretty sure I passed. We get to dump one quiz score so that might well be the one.

Today we looked at our petri dishes from last week. We were ostensibly "streaking for isolation." Mine were so very isolated that they didn't actually exist... so I'll need a bit of practicing. We also prepared slides for Gram staining, which should be fun with all the cute little squirty bottles of exciting colored dyes etc. Sadly, we skipped a step resulting in the ruination of three of our four slides, but we can re-do them on Thursday.

I would like to note that today was our first inaugural successful lighting of the Bunsen burner with no help from the instructor. This is an important milestone in any lab class participant's career and should be celebrated. We pondered the method of celebration: speechifying, presentation of certificates, ribbons, etc., on through fanfares and brass bands, and settled on a modest yet exuberant parade. Volunteers are encouraged to gather near the lab entrance this Thursday just before 7pm.

In other news: cute baby anecdote alert! This evening before leaving for school I was folding a quick load of laundry. The baby spotted a pajama shirt that she hasn't worn yet (a new hand-me-down from her cousin) and decided it was her coat. "My coat! My coat!" she demanded, until I handed it to her. As she held it out, eyeballing it appreciatively, I asked her if that was her coat. "I fink so!" was her very excited reply.

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