Friday, October 01, 2004

Bad Neighbor, No Biscuit

Argh. BH's sister is over today and just had an ugly skirmish with the formerly-sort-of-nice guy from across the street. She was parking and he pulled into the spot despite seeing her there, with her blinker on, and despite the fact that he was facing the wrong direction. When she pointed out that she was parking there, he told her she wasn't and that since she didn't live in the neighborhood, he didn't care how she felt about it. Then he made sure he was blocking both available areas (not marked spaces, this is just on-street parking) and smugly walked to his house.

Only to emerge minutes later laden with baggage that he stowed in the car! And drove away with his wife shortly thereafter! So all this was about him asserting his (mistaken) right to park there for ten minutes.

Naturally, the Festering Shit Weasel from next door flounced out there to have an animated conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Dickhead before they drove off. Who knows what about. Maybe about Mt. St. Helens blowing some steam this afternoon, since they kept pointing and squinting off in its general direction.

We note the following pattern with these neighbors: Both the Dickheads and the Festering Shit Weasels are terrific snobs. They don't associate with us or with Andy and Lucia across the way. Andy and Lucia are from El Salvador.... They have the occasional fiesta with mariachi music playing, but not super loud and not that late into the evening. Really they are very nice folks. Lucia tried to say hi to Mrs. Dickhead when they first moved in and Mrs. Dickhead just looked away. I had a similar experience when we moved in. And of course the FSW's are our arch-nemeses (see previous post regarding barking dogs).

So it has been necessary to just swallow hard and tell myself that people like that are their own worst enemies, and that maybe eventually he'll hear the still small voice say "That wasn't very nice of you, you dickhead," and maybe he'll repent and go forth to sin no more, ha ha... but if not, well, people like that get it all back eventually. Nobody gives medals for behaving badly.

In other news... ordered the elliptical to be delivered next Weds. Now must finish cleaning out basement.

Baby is learning to nap and to go to bed without constant rocking, bouncing, etc. It's difficult but she's getting the hang of it. She also has two teeth! And can flip onto her stomach. Flipping back isn't yet in her repetoire, but it won't be long. She reaches for things now, and laughs sometimes! Usually at the dogs or cats. She's a total joy. She had her four-month checkup, very healthy, got her shots which was sort of a bummer for a couple days after, she didn't feel so great. But she's fine now. And she is 13 lbs. 11 oz, which is 50th percentile for weight, and 25.5 inches long, which is 90th percentile for height! She's a total stringbean. I posted a picture we had taken recently. :)

I'm down another pound, total lost so far 28.2 lbs. It's slower now but as long as I'm getting there I can't complain. I met up with a woman from WW to go walking with and she's pretty nice. I think her family is as messed up as mine so we have a lot to talk about...

Speaking of family, Dad will be joining us for Thanksgiving, and maybe Grandma Helen too. Dad's wife (the other Brazilian bitch we know; FSW is from Brazil too) told him she's going to Maryland for T-day and he could come along if he wanted to. She's going about this all wrong if she's trying to elicit a favorable response to her campaign to move back to Maryland where two of her sons live. He told me about it and my first response was, well come on down and hang out with us. We are headed to BH's folks' for the holiday but he's more than welcome to come along. Then afterward we'll probably have a sort of get-together either here or at my brother's, either make clam chowder (if we have it here) or maybe they'd like to make a turkey over there.

Well I guess that's enough steam blown off for now. Back to internet gaming! I play a role-playing game called Diablo... it's free, highly addictive, absorbing... I sometimes lose hours playing it, when I get the chance.

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