Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday morning

Baby slept from about 11pm to 4:30 this morning uninterrupted... only woke because I disturbed her because I couldn't believe she slept that long. She had a pretty good day yesterday and I think it's largely because she is getting enough sleep finally. The comments I get when we are out and about are about how alert she is (she has two speeds: High and Off) and how she has red hair and bright blue eyes.

Basement has yet to clean itself. Argh. When will the self-cleaning basement catch on?! I mean, we have self-cleaning ovens already...

Hoping to meet up with Peggy for a nice long walk this afternoon. And must get horse blanket cleaned. Elliptical to be delivered tomorrow. Fund raising party Thursday eve for the No on 36 campaign (against proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as "one man, one woman" -- we note that where you see a Yes on 36 sign there's also invariably a Bush/Cheney one alongside it...). Dad will come down for T-Day with Grandma, both with irritating yappy dogs in tow, but happily to spend it with my brother and his family and then all will come here on Sat. following for a chowder fest. So much going on. It will be Christmas before you know it.

Then it will be our anniversary -- we had our commitment ceremony on Dec. 31, 1999, so this is the big 5 year mark. Then we also got married last March though that's still held up in court. Wonder what we should do for the anniversary... we normally spend New Year's with our friend Jeff, it's a fairly dull event by global standards as we are all non-drinkers, so I wonder if we will have a double date with Jeff and his boyfriend Jeffrey... call it an early evening, put baby to bed, the four of us play games into the night... or if BH will want to do something super special. I am in favor of the early games night idea with a special event on a different night because I don't want to be out on New Years Eve with all the drunks. And although it's our anniversary, it's nice to spend the evening with Jeff. The Jeffs. Jeff Squared. Maybe since baby hits the sheets around 7pm these days we could get someone (even the Jeffs, I mean the baby won't need anything special and we have cell phones) to come watch her while we go to a fashionably late dinner somewhere expensive on a different night... I need an excuse to get all dolled up. Ha! That makes it sound like I'm going to spend hours in the bathroom exfoliating, pore cleansing, Max Factoring, et al, when really all it means is that I'll wear something that isn't too-big jeans and a huge men's shirt from Old Navy. Maybe it will even be -- gasp! -- *dry clean only*!

Must poll the wife and see what she thinks.

Meanwhile, another photo of the young one.

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