Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I'm pinching myself. We put the baby in a blanket sleeper for the first time last night, as it is definitely starting to get cool at night, and she slept from (drum roll please) about 7:30 pm to nearly 4 this morning! Without waking up!

Sure, she slept like a log; I'm a nervous wreck. I kept waking up and going in to check on her since she'd never slept that long before. I brought her to bed to nurse at 4 and she went back to sleep until 7. Then she just went back down for her nap at about quarter to nine -- with barely a hitch!!!

So evidently she was waking up because she was cold, and once again I am a negligent mother. :( At least we figured it out. And now I need to go get more blanket sleepers, as we have just the one. Oh well, I need to get one of those stroller cover thingies for when it rains as I am planning to continue walking in the inclement weather which is just now hitting us. So now I have good reason to head to the local "Overpriced Babywear Emporiums R Us," I guess. Two good reasons.

The local volcano is gearing up to maybe blow sometime soon. It's pretty hilarious watching up-to-the-minute, breathless reports on a dinky little vent of steam and ash. They have no way of knowing whether the mountain will keep doing this, blow a big one, or stop in its tracks for another 20, 50, 500 years. Given the big eruption we had in 1980 -- I remember the ashfall, and we drove up as far as we could to see the destruction once it seemed a bit safer -- everybody's in a heightened state of excitement hoping maybe we will see something spectacular. And they have evacuated the mountain so pretty much only nutcases will get killed or hurt this time. So we can sort of hope for something dramatic without worrying about people getting offed in the process. All the local geologists are having some kind of field day. Geologic processes being so slow and all, this is like Christmas to them.

I found this quote in a really sappy book of "inspirational sayings" and it struck me as sort of comforting and interesting, so I include it here:

Have courage for the great sorrows of life
and patience for the small ones.
And when you have finished your daily task,
go to sleep in peace. God is awake. -- Victor Hugo.

Help me if I become one of those people who do this kind of thing with stuff they find in Hallmark cards and in those endless forwards my Grandmother sends me in the email. This was the only quote in the book that I would repeat, the rest were a little too gooey. And it's all about maintaining my image as a hip, cool person... NOT! I can almost tell you the day I stopped being hip and cool. It was the day I went and bought jeans at the fat girl store. "Well, you see, you're fat so you automatically have no taste..." And the horrible, horrible person I was with at the time ridiculed me. As always. For having to buy fat pants and not something from The Gap. Needless to say, I offloaded her eventually, but not before she inflicted some serious emotional damage. I'm happy to say that finally I am largely over it, but it was pretty terrible. It's insidious what another person can do to your self-esteem and your self-image, if they want to hurt you. And she did. I realized later that I was like Satan's Little Punching Bag for that period of my life.

But, now I am happier than ever in my life, BH is the best, we have a beautiful baby girl, and things are wonderful. So there! Take that! Har!

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